Faculty Interview: Katie Long

Interview by Alex Mellen (PWR class of 2014)

You’re the communications coordinator for Wesleyan Publishing. What does this entail?

My job has morphed in the past year to include editorial responsibilities such as editing, author relations, etc., marketing responsibilities, and executive assistant responsibilities. I enjoy working with authors to develop their marketing plans for their books and being a part of the creative process of making a book.

You’re also an alumna of Taylor University’s Professional Writing program. How did your major prepare you for working in the publishing world?

All of my Professional Writing classes prepared me for my job now by equipping me with skills that have benefited me in the many roles I have had. The diversity of classes taught me a wide range of information that has been very helpful.

What made you choose Taylor University?

I met Dr. Hensley at a writers’ conference and was convinced that Taylor would be the best place for me.

What has your job taught you about developing a writer’s platform? Briefly, what strategies and skills do you hope to pass on to conference attendees?

A writer’s platform is now one of the biggest sellers for most publishers. It is so important for writers to understand that most of the marketing for their book comes from them. I hope to teach people how to build their platform now and make them look more marketable to publishers.

Name a book — nonfiction or fiction — that is not directly about writing but has taught you something about writing.

A book that I just finished recently is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C. S. Lewis. This book taught me that the gospel can be shared in many different formats and stories. C. S. Lewis was a master at weaving images of God’s love with his stories, so much so that it can catch you off guard. It taught me that, as we write, whether fiction or nonfiction, we are charged with the task to always be reflecting the love God has for us.

Katie will be teaching one session at the conference:
Your Writer Platform (Yes, You Need It)


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